English Premier League

Top 10 entertaining matches in the English Premier League history

Many people in the world say: “football is the most important secondary thing.” They may be right, but if you ask some of the football fans who witnessed the these thriller matches, they would say otherwise! Here is a list of the top 10 most engaging games to watch in English Premier League.

1. Swansea City 5-4 Crystal Palace, 26th November 2016
Nothing indicated that we could see fireworks at the Liberty Stadium until the 82nd minute. Swans lead 3-2 when Crystal Palace shoots back. Jack Cork scored an own goal giving Palace the equalizer, and minutes later Christian Benteke scored for the Palace to go 4-3 up. As the game wasn’t fun enough, Fernando Llorente decided it is not over yet. He scored 2 injury-time goals to secure victory for the Swans.

2. Southampton 6-3 Manchester United, 26th October 1996
Just one week before this game, Manchester United was defeated to the knees by Newcastle United. The score was 5-0 for the Black-White’s. The football world expected Red Devils to strike back and prove they are the best team on the Island. But ‘The Saints’ had different plans. After a 3-1 lead at the halftime, Red Devils managed to reduce to 3-2, but it was pretty much everything from them. Saints scored three more times to secure a 6-3 victory in this football spectacle.

3. Arsenal 4-4 Tottenham Hotspur, 30th October 2008
Start of the 2008/09 season was one of the weakest in the history for Tottenham Hotspurs. They didn’t win any of their first 8 matches. Their trip to Emirates Stadium didn’t look promising for their fans either. They didn’t win this time as well. But, no one could be dissatisfied with a 4-4 game. Especially after being 2-4 down till the last minutes of the match. They scored 2 late goals (including an injury time goal) to finish at 4-4.

4. Tottenham Hotspur 3-5 Manchester United, 29th September 2001
This is one of the best examples that every half has a story for itself. After 45 minutes, everything looked like it’s going to be a smooth victory for Hotspurs, but Sir Alex Ferguson proved to be one of the best motivators once again. Manchester United fought back from 3 goals down to clinch the victory with 5 consecutive goals to secure a 5-3 win. This is one of the greatest comebacks in British football history.

5. Newcastle United 4-4 Arsenal, 5th February 2011
Another “game of two halves” was this. After a 4-0 lead for Arsenal at halftime, everything indicated it would be just another day in the office for them. And it likely would, but Abou Diaby decided to strike a knife into his teammates back, as he was sent off after 4 minutes into the 2nd half. It was the start of the downfall for Gunners. Joey Barton scored 2 penalties (68’ and 83’) and with 2 more goals from Leon Best (75’) and Cheick Tioté (87’) the final result was 4-4.

6. Manchester United 9-0 Ipswich Town, 4th March 1995
On 4th March 1995, Manchester United hosted Ipswich. The home game against Man United was great for Ipswich Town. They managed to win it by 3 goals to 2. Their fans hoped they could take something home from Old Trafford as well. Instead, they survived a disaster. Manchester United outclassed them 9-0. Andy Cole scored 5 goals to crush Ipswich fans dreams.

7. Aston Villa 0-1 Oldham Athletic, 2nd May 1993
This game is clear proof that there must not be 10 goals during the game for it to be great. Aston Villa was in the race for the title with Manchester United, while Oldham was fighting for survival in the PL. With three games left to play, Oldham needed 3 victories to stay above. Few people thought it is possible until it happened. Oldham won 1-0 and kept their dream alive. Later they managed to win their last 2 leagues matches and stayed in the top League one more season.

8. Leicester City 3-3 Arsenal, 28th August 1997
When you say “crazy game” you mean this game. It was like a Hollywood blockbuster. Even it was a movie, you would likely say: “Nah, this is not happening in real life.” Arsenal had two goals lead until the 84th minute and the goal from Emile Heskey. The comeback started to look possible. And it happened. Steve Walsh scored the equalizer with the start of injury-time. Then, Gunners fans thought Denis Bergkamp did enough when he scored for the 3rd time in the 90th minute for Arsenal, but Matt Elliott scored back right away to save the point for ‘The Foxes’.

9. Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur, 3rd May 2016
“We don’t want Tottenham to win the Premier League – the fans, the club and the players.”- Eden Hazard. It looked like a cliche after the visitors had two goals lead at the half and low effort game from Chelsea players during the first half. Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min scored one each to make Tottenham closer to the title. Everything looked perfect until Gary Cahill reduced Tottenham’s lead by half. Hazard decided to keep his pre-game promise and scored the late goal (83’). The game finished 2-2, awarding Leicester City their well-earned title.

10. Manchester City 3-2 Queens Park Rangers, 13th May 2012
Everything was set up for the title. Manchester City should “just” beat QPR. The game started just fine for them. Pablo Zabaleta gave them the lead at half time (39’). Djibril Cissé scored an equalizing goal (48’) to make a great game even better. QPR were reduced to 10 players in the 55th minute when Joey Barton received Red Card. Then Jamie Mackie put QPR in front in the 66th minute to worry ‘The Citizens’ fans even more. Everything looked lost for City until Edin Dzeko scored an equalizing goal in the 92nd minute of the game. There were 2 minutes left on the clock. It looked possible. And it happened. Sergio Agüero scored the goal during the last seconds of the game to secure the title for the Blue side of Manchester.

There are not many things in the world, which can provide such passion as football can. And one thing is for sure, that English Premier League will provide us with more great football.